The Cooperative Charges

Cost of Private Care as of 1st MAY 2017

Dementia care

£ 16.00/hour

All personal care. Prompting of medication
Administration of eye/eardrops

£ 15.27/hour

Medication visits only  (in 15 minute blocks)

£ 4.00/quarter hour

Call out charge

£20/ call out

Telephone check calls

£ 1.00 each call

The following prices are Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm only. Evenings up to 10pm and weekends will be charged at £ 15.27/hour, unless stated otherwise.

Basic care
Welfare call
Food preparation

£ 14.75/hour
Domestic tasks £ 14.00/hour


£ 14.00/Hour
Plus 30p per mile

Escort Duties (Accompanied) e.g.
Dental/GP/Hospital appointment
Leisure activities, or other social events

£ 14.50/hour
30p per mile

Companionship/short term respite

£ 14.50/hour

Waking nights  Mon – Fri 10.00 pm – 7 am
Waking nights  Sat – Sun  10.00 pm – 7 am

Please ring for availability

Sleeping nights Mon – Fri 10.00pm – 7 am
Sleeping nights Sat – Sun 10.00 pm – 7 am
(please note:  If carer is woken up twice in the night then the call will be invoiced as a waking night)

Please ring for availability
  • There will be a minimum charge of 20 minutes and thereafter you will be charged by the minute.
  • Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full rate (this will be shown on your invoice as ‘late cancellation’).
  • Double time will be charged on all bank holidays and Easter Sunday,
  • Double time will be charged on Christmas day and New years day if they fall over a weekend period